Reel Borders studies how borders are imagined through film

Derry,the Oak Grove (11’)

Directed by Molly Phillips and Tom Hannigan
Edited by Irene Gutiérrez

This essay film is a timeless journey through past archive and present footage of Derry, a small border city saturated in the remains of myths and legends of thousands of years, and how the idea of a border may in itself become a myth.

Triang Times (13’)

Directed by Emer O’Shea, Manus Brennan and Michael Mc Monagle
Edited by Diana Cheung

Borders across the world are often contentious places where differences between people are focused and concentrated making them difficult places to live and prosper. The land border between the Republic of Ireland and the UK is one of these contentious borders. Pettigo is a small village in the Northwest of Ireland divided in half by this border and over the years has known its fair share of The Troubles. However, despite these conflicts the people of Pettigo, both Unionist and Nationalist, have continued ot cooperate and work together. This documentary, "Triang Times" focuses on the lives of two such people, one Unionist and one Nationalist, wo have spent a lifetime stepping outside their cultural boundaries to build a better place to live.

Connecting Borders (12’)

Directed by Gemma Gfeller
Edited by Diana Cheung

I made this film as an attempt to deepen my understanding of border experiences. I spoke to people from different backgrounds, cultures and religions, from Ireland, Palestine, Colombia, the United States and Turkey. The interviews, conducted in the border city of Derry, where I was born and raised, and in Berlin, a city with its own unique history of borders, where I now live, offered me polyvocal perspectives to contrast our Irish border with other views of what it means to live in a bordered world.

Crossing Lines (13’)

Directed by Margaret Gordon
Camera by Seamus Gordon and Sean Harking
Edited by Diana Cheung and Sean Harking

Northern Ireland in the late 1970's, an unpredictable, fearful landscape. A place where an elevated sense of vigilance and suspicion might keep you safe, but it also amplified fear and division between communities. In this environment, where communities rarely mixed, let alone talk to each other, a group of young women let their love of football do the talking. In 1979, they formed a football team that was both cross-border and cross-religion. And, while politicians and community leaders struggled to build bridges, these girls let the beautiful game create a world of friendship and acceptance. A world where they all belonged.

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