Reel Borders studies how borders are imagined through film

Silvia Almenara Niebla

Postdoctoral researcher 

Silvia Almenara Niebla obtained her PhD in gender and migration studies (Universidad de La Laguna, 2020, extraordinary doctoral prize) with a study on transnational belonging and media practices among refugees from a gender perspective. She holds degrees in Political Science and in International Relations. She has also undertaken research stays at Utrecht University, Nouakchott University, and the University of Oxford. She is vice-chair of the Diaspora, Migration and the Media section of ECREA (European Communication Research and Education Association). Her main research interests are refugee and diaspora studies, emotions and affects in mobility processes, and everyday media practices. She has also published in different international journals on matters of diasporic processes through gender perspective, affects and emotions in protracted situations of displacement, and social media practices of gender control. In the Reel Borders project, she will concentrate on everyday cinematic experiences of borderlanders, as well as social and political dynamics of borders.

More information on publications and other projects on Researchgate , Google Scholar and Academia.

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Funded by the European Research Council.
Starting Grant #948278

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