Reel Borders studies how borders are imagined through film

Lennart Soberon

Postdoctoral researcher

Lennart Soberon obtained his PhD in 2020 from Ghent University with a study on enemy image construction in the American action film. In this research he combined a longitudinal study of Hollywood screen villains since the 1980s with close readings into cinematic practices of enemy making. Apart from working on themes of antagonism and ‘othering’, he is interested in matters of genre, emotion, trauma, and spectacle. Complementary to his work as a post-doctoral researcher, Lennart is the artistic coordinator of the non-profit arthouse movie theatre KASKcinema and co-founder of Kinoautomat, a cinephile cultural initiative and Dutch-language film studies journal for students. In the Reel Borders project, he will concentrate on film analysis and data, as well as institutional and audience dynamics.

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Funded by the European Research Council.
Starting Grant #948278

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